Uptown Cheapskate Torrance
Uptown Cheapskate Torrance
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                                    How It Works 

         We here at Uptown, take your safety, and our employees safety very seriously. To ensure this, we ask you follow 3 simple rules when selling clothes to us. 
1) All clothing must be freshly laundered, day of.
2) Clothing must come in a bin, or a box. No bags will be accepted.
                                                                 3) Lay your clothes flat, not folded in the bin, to minimize                                                                          contact. 

Currently Uptown is one of the only stores offering same day process, and payment. So again, we appreciate your cooperation in adapting to this new environment.

For your safety, we are allowing vendors to remain in their cars while we process your items. 

You can bring your clothing to our store Mon-Sat 10-7, Sunday 10-5. We are always looking for casual, current style clothing, from the last 2 years. In new, or like new condition.